Saturday, January 14, 2006

The End of regular blogging...

I'm starting work fulltime next week, so my holiday blog project is over. Won't stop blogging entirely though, will probably just be less frequent.

Keep reading. :)

Oh and Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bureaucrats are taking this country to the pigs.

Interesting to read in The Letter that increasing numbers of Doctors are turning to politics, frustrated with "the public health sector," which "despite having billions of dollars poured into it, has become bloated, overly bureaucratic and bogged down with ever expanding waiting lists", as Jackie Blue commented in her maiden speech.

The College of GPs released a report in December which warns that unless the Govt actively encourages the training, recruitment and retention of GPs, we could have a severe shortage in as little as 10 years. GPs are an absolutely crucial part of our health system. Yet the increased work loads, such as the 2&1/2 hrs more paper work they are required to do since the implementation of Labour's PHO (Public Health Organisations) strategy, means that 1/3 of GPs plan to have left their profession within 5 years.

The increase in paper work is a small wonder, considering the requirements that a PHO must meet to qualify for the funding:

1. Recording of ethnicity for 85% of the patient register;
2. Complete reporting of practitioner information with sufficient data already
supplied to enable baseline measurement of the performance indicators;
3. Completion of contractual requirements contained in the PHO contract e.g.
annual report and Service Utilisation Reports including the Immunisation
component with sufficient data for baseline measurement of the performance
indicators. In addition, PHOs must be compliant with the fees agreement;
4. A signed contract of the current nationally agreed PHO Service Agreement
with the DHB;
Once these 4 pre-requisites are met the PHO will complete an Establishment Plan
identifying establishment timelines and the process for developing their PHO
Performance Management Plan. Once a PHO has completed their establishment plan
and the DHB approved it, they will receive 50% of the set up fee.

It is these sorts of picky requirements that cause the extra workload for GPs, and I for one don't blame the 1/3 of them who want to leave. The PHO strategy has not been effective.

What it should be doing is letting Doctors do the hands on work they are trained to do, and ensuring that they have sufficient funding to hire other people to do the NECESSARY paperwork.

In general, every system that Labour has created in NZ has been overflowing with too much paperwork, too much red tape and too many people doing not enough productive work. Frankly, the result of Labour's investment of tax-payers' money in these systems is pathetic.

MP pay rises are routinely moaned about but still important. This is funny though!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ever wondered why your birthday was Sep/Oct?

The holiday season. After you've had your full of rich food, too much wine, you're peeling from being out in the sun for two weeks too long and the rellies have FINALLY gone home, there is nothing more to do but... well... you know...

Warning: Nothing is foolproof.

Was listening to the radio this morning. This woman rang up who reckoned she had used a diaphragm, was on the pill, her partner had used a condom, and she went and got an ECP as well. Then she got pregnant. Whoops.

Be careful on the roads, but be even more careful in bed!!!

Tennis is SEEDY!!!

In which other sport do all the women wear tiny skirts... okay, almost every sport that gets any spectators.

But I am amused by all this seedy tennis talk. Apparently Nadia Petrova is a top seed, whereas Kristina Brandi isn't seedy at all.

Well I have to admit that most Russian girls I have met seem a bit seedy, maybe because I'm suspicious they have all been bought out of a catalogue!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blaming the Drinking Age...

Although I think the drinking age does have some impact on the age of kids drinking, it is definitely not the major factor.

It's so much more fun when it's illegal! I probably drank more when I was 16 and 17 than I do now. Even when I was 13 I knew plenty of classmates who made it their regular Saturday night entertainment to get off their face drunk (that might just be because I grew up in Wanganui, and there isn't a lot of other entertainment fullstop). Increasing the alcohol age is not going to significantly effect accessibility. If you want it, you can always get it. My friend's parents used to buy it for us!

I think the main reason for the high levels of drinking in NZ is the drinking culture. Alcohol is what gives us confidence to dance in clubs, to approach that guy (or girl), it is the ultimate social lubricator. This culture is completely supported by media. Look at the Speights ads, or Lion Red. Their message is : "you're not a real kiwi bloke unless you drink beer". Girls? Premixes. The ads (think Archers), are aimed at elegance, sophistication, a twist of adventure; the kiwi girl.

So should the reds ban ads for alcohol? (TVNZ would strangle itself!)

Basically I think the legislation is looking the wrong way. Abuse of alcohol, which leads to last night's news reporting increases in teenage drunk drivers, is not to be blamed purely on the drinking age.

It is to be blamed on a culture where fast cars and skulling obscene quantities of beer are seen as signs of mana. Where to be drunk every weekend is to be popular at school. The question on Monday mornings is always "what did you get up to in the weekend". When I was 13, I was never cool enough to say, Oh I went to so and sos party and got so smashed, I can't remember a thing.

The message needs to be moderation. How do we get this message to our youth? Tell them what happens when you drink too much alcohol. Be brutal. Tell them about the AA meetings. How your liver becomes slow and sluggish. How people get violent. How many people die on the roads from drunk drivers. Don't tell them not to drink it. Just tell them to do it in moderation. Push the message that you can have a good time without excessive amounts of alcohol.

Destroying the Evidence...

I guess it is kind of like swallowing a note in class before the teacher can read it. Only cellphones are not made of paper! After having an argument with her boyfriend, she swallowed her phone rather than let him have it... guess she got snapped sending dodgy texts to someone else and panicked.

Rule no.1 of dodgy texting, always delete the texts (or hide them in folders labelled with your boyfriends name.)

UPDATE: Thanks DPF for pointing this out. The boyfriend is now wanted for allegedly jamming it down her throat. Previous comments on her stupidity are retracted.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Party Pills

Jacqui Dean is petitioning for party pills to be subject to more stringent selling criteria.

I believe that adults should have the informed freedom to choose whether they take these or not. When I say informed I mean all the information should be available and digestible.
I agree with the legislation that went through parliament to restrict the sale of it to over 18s.

But from what I have seen and heard (and decided from my own experience), it is less dangerous than alcohol. It is difficult to overdose. The biggest problem seems to be that it doesn't mix well with other drugs or alcohol. But then again, that goes for most things.

Epileptic fits are also brought on (in people with a predisposition to them) by exposure to strobe lights. Should we all be signing petitions to restrict those as well?

Old women and naked men?

I simply have to blog the conversation I overheard whilst waitressing for a Christmas Work-do tonight (I won't let on where I work, just in case it comes back to haunt me), but remember, waitresses do have ears!!!

Young guy: "So have you met so and so yet? He seems like an alright chap."
Old (I would guess 60 at least) women,
"Oh yeah, I went around there, and he opened the door in the nude."

I ALMOST DROP MY PLATES. Did I hear that right?

"Yeah", says the younger guy, "I reckon he probably just wanders round the house naked."

"Well," says the old lady, "its not like he had anything to hide. I told him as much. He's bloody big where it counts."

Now is the time I pretend I am NOT listening and hurry on to clear tables. The old lady looks like my Grandmother, and she is wearing the same type of clothes. Grey permed bob, Cardi, shapeless dress, broach. She was the wife of the boss, who was a little man, with a short temper, you know the type. Mind you, I'd be shitty too if I were the one picking up the $1500 bar tab at the end of the night whilst my wife told my employees about the size of OTHER people's joysticks.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The baubles of being a Vic Class rep...

They begged us to volunteer. They needed us so badly, so they said, on bended knee, that they would bribe us with free burger vouchers and certificates recognising our services. As well as a BBQ and free V.
Well they sure fooled me. I went along to the training session, where I have to admit I did learn a couple of useful things. Then I sat around and did nothing all trimester. Thinking I had a sweet deal...

But come Christmas, and I realise there is no free V, no free burger, and not even a damn certificate. All I get is this:

Message was successfully sent.
Jeremy Greenbrook Add Address
Happy Holidays!
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:41:43 +1300



Thank you for volunteering to be a class rep in 2005.

Wishing you all the very best for 2006.

Cheers, Jeremy.

Jeremy Greenbrook BA, BSc - President Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association (Inc.) Te Rōpu Tauira o te Kura Wananga o te Upoko o te Ika a Maui
(04) 463 6986 Direct Dial (04) 463 6716 VUWSA Office (04) 463 6990 facsimile (021) 899 430 cellular

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I accidently added someone to msn, thinking it was someone completely different with the same name. The stupid thing is, that he thinks I'M someone HE knows with the same name, and I've just changed dramatically since he last saw me.

He is on msn now, asking if that's me in the photo.
I say no, its a supermodel, I'm just good a photoshop, and I managed to put her face into my messy hostel room (where the photo is taken).
He is confused (and I'm like DUH, take it with a dash of sarcasm, of course its me!)

I send him to read my blog, so he can see that I'm not pretending to be someone else, I really am me.

Just about to tell him to refresh, so he can read all about it. Evil? Never.

Dog-bone Lady misses the point...

There is a major difference between the case of the Dog-bone principal and Benson-Pope's actions as a teacher: the time frame.

As the police rightly concluded in the B-Pope case, it is not worth pursuing crimes of minor significance, that happened so long ago.

In the Principal's case, it only occurred less than a month ago, whereas Benson-Pope allegedly put the tennis balls in his pupil's mouth in 1982. More than 20 years ago.

The problem with B-P is that his conduct through out the whole affray has been abominable. Lying to the house. Changing his outright denial to an "I don't remember the incident occurring". Threatening to fire his press secretary for following his own instructions to release select sections of an embargoed police report, whilst leading the media to think that the police had released it themselves, and stating that his office has always been instructed to act transparently and honestly.

Ha, I guess he conveniently forgot plucking out and releasing the more-flattering bits out of that report, just like he forgot putting tennis balls in a student's mouth. Funny how selective your memory can be, makes me wonder what else he's forgotten!